Garden waste removal

Have you thought about a garden waste removal for this year’s spring clean? Garden waste removal is the best way to get rid of your waste that has been cleared out of your garden whether it be a spring clean ready for the spring and summer ahead or making way for new garden furniture. You could also start a compost pile when clearing the garden out or just as a project to start. These are some ideas of what to compost: grass cuttings, fruit and vegetable scraps, old cut flowers and straw. Alternatively, if you’re not quite feeling starting a compost as these can take up a lot of space and obstruct your lovely garden views you can start planning a more effective way to begin your garden waste removal.


Once you’ve made the plan to clear out your garden, cut old flowers and trim down those hedges and trees the next step in your plan should be to organise how you will effectively dispose of your garden waste. Start by writing a plan where you’re going to start your garden waste removal, which part of the garden you’re going, to begin with e.g. flowers, trees, then proceed to think about where you’re going to store all of it.


Why not spring clean with recycling in mind. Another nifty way with garden waste. Gather all of your garden waste in bins, boxes or in a skip, we’d recommend using a skip because you can opt for a small, medium or large skip size. Try filling your skip to its capacity, avoiding under filling it and overfilling it as this could be costly upon collection. it is always best to plan ahead when starting a big clean or removal after all; A goal without a plan is just a wish.

What can I put in the bin or skip?

We found that upon enquiring or collection most customers tend to ask what can go in the “green” bin. We suggest leaves, small twigs, hedge and grass cuttings, house plants and garden plants, flowers and bark. Some garden materials cannot go in the “green” bin. Such as food and Japanese knot weed. So it’s important to keep in mind what can go into the bins or skips.

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