save money on construction waste disposal

How to save money on your construction waste disposal

Do you have multiple projects coming up and only just breaking even? Whether you’re making a profit or only just making enough to keep things ticking over, Bakes Waste have created a shortlist of top tips to help you save money on waste disposal and increase profit.

Make time for project research

We can’t preach reduce, reuse, recycle without mentioning that over-ordering will cause an unnecessary expense; not only are you essentially throwing money out the window on a purchase, but it will increase the amount of waste you produce too. Did you know an incredible 60 million tonnes of building materials ends up being sent to tips every year?

Make the most of the materials you order

Don’t forget to reuse and recycle as much of the materials you have ordered for any project. As landfill taxes increase on an annual basis, waste disposal of recyclable materials will be much more cost-effective or perhaps you don’t even need to dispose of them and can use materials for multiple projects!

Hire a skip from a trust-worthy waste management business

Seem obvious? Of course, it does, but that doesn’t mean it’s always obvious to distinguish which is which. There are a multitude of skip hire businesses that win work by being the ‘cheapest’ option, but when their trucks break down and you’re 3 days into a project with no skip you’re going to wish you’d spent a little more.

Don’t get behind on projects, resulting in postponing the next one. Stay on schedule with a skip hire business that invests in their fleet of vehicles and has a good reputation to ensure the utmost efficiency.

Invest in proper material storage

Creating a dedicated and flat level storage area for palletised stock and off-ground covered area for plasterboard, timber and other materials could have a huge impact on your overall costs.

Haphazardly stored materials can result in them being broken, lose or mishandled; all of which cause a ripple effect to the budget.

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