If you’re looking to hire a skip during the winter it doesn’t have to be complicated or come at a high price. There are many ways can save you money this winter whilst hiring a skip. Don’t waste time and money going to a tip, keep yourself, business and customer happy by ordering a skip. On this page, you will find out ways Bakers Waste will guide you this winter to hiring a skip that’s cost-effective for you and/ or your business.

What are the skip prices like around winter?

Prices around winter tend to be much cheaper compared to the rest of the year. Due to a drop in demand, so make the most of this and book yours whilst it’s cheaper!

You are also more likely to come across more skip offers and deals as Christmas is just around the corner companies will be a lot more generous with their customers. This winter (2019) Bakers Waste have skips available from just £94! Along with a code that will enter you into a prize draw to win movie tickets to your choice of movie.

Saving money whilst hiring a skip

During winter saving money and spending as little as possible is every construction business owner’s aim. But hiring a skip doesn’t have to be costly. One way to avoid spending too much money is by making sure the skip you are planning on ordering is the right one for you. Avoid ordering a skip that’s too big or too small. By doing this you are guaranteed to save you and your business money or you could end up having to pay for another skip to be delivered that is the right size. Another way that will save you money is by ordering a skip that is just slightly bigger than what you will need, this way you can avoid ordering more skips for your construction waste.

Order your winter skip today

Order a skip this winter and let us do the work for you! We will deliver your skip and once you’ve filled it up we will come and collect it for you, you don’t even have to be there for the collection. Start saving money today and order your winter skip. Why not take advantage of our winter skip deal and win movie tickets using the coupon “CinemaSkips”!