Top 5 Environmental Innovation Construction Projects

Egg Shaped Remodelling

Outstanding and unique, these egg-shaped houses might just be the ideal form of a sustainable home. They are made from the wood of construction waste and recycled car tyres, these delectable assembled dwellings are 750-square feet of modular stonework and passive utilities. With their shape allowing them to soak up the sun, the wind and the rain. These “KasaUovo Houses” are 90% recyclable and 70% more efficient than most residential properties. The egg-cellent houses were designed by Roberto Casati with renderings by Matteo Puggelli and a group of incredible builders.

Egg Houses

Bamboo Houses

These gorgeous homes are made almost completely from bamboo and packed earth. This awesome building is super exciting in the fact that it incorporates some serious eco-friendly technology in its design. Despite its simple and basic building materials. The Suoi Re Village Community Households a nifty solar cell system, a rainwater collecting apparatus to recycle water, a state of the art geothermal heating process to keep the building warm and super-efficient LED lighting. A positive plus for the construction industry and hard working builders.


New and modern but also eco, these apartments feature green space, strips of solar panels and a stylized lattice facade. Thanks to the builders, this eco-building manages to successfully heat its water with solar power and cools it down with an inner bamboo forest. The eco-friendly, low-income housing unit includes a beneficial and dazzling design. Giving a taste of high green design for a low-income living. The Boxy Green Residences is a great eco house stays up-to-date with design and style.


Oak Construction

In England on the outskirts of an Oxfordshire village, this new-build is a sustainable oak make designed by ‘Peter Feeny Architects’ to make the most of the relationship between architecture and landscape and to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Inside the masterpiece, you will find a Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) system which is supplemented by a wood pellet boiler. Solar heating panels that are housed on the garage roof, provide an additional heat source. All down to the brilliant builders of this house, it also has Thermafleece slabs with 85% wool, fitted within wall and roof cavities, offers insulation.

Eco construction

Contemporary Construction

Construction with a stunning blend of contemporary design and natural living, this house – made from natural and sustainable materials – has been designed to have a minimal impact on its surroundings and can be assembled within a surprising five days by builders.

eco friendly house

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