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Turning Construcion Waste into Recycling

Waste recycling and environmental issues have become an increasingly important and well covered news storys. If you haven’t heard about it, it’s probably quite likely you’re not living on earth!

What does it actually mean to the construction industry? How can you make it an integral part of what you do without causing a headache? This page we will be exploring how to reduce, reuse and recycle your construction waste materials.

Waste recycling materials

Where better to start than with the very thing to blame for all of this, the wasted materials. Here at Bakers Waste, we recycle as many materials as possible including plastic, cardboard/ paper,  food waste and more.

When choosing the materials for your project, try to have in mind what sort of waste this will produce and whether it can be reused, reduced or recycled. This will result in saving you a lot of money, as recyclable materials are cheaper to dispose of due to landfill taxes continuing to increase.

Our recycling collection methods

Bakers Waste Services Ltd offer all businesses the option to separate their waste at source through dedicated collection services. Choose from wheelie bins, front end loaders, roll on roll offs, skips and more!

Segregation at source has only one outcome, more waste materials being recycled. You can have any of the above containers dedicated to general waste, dry mixed waste recycling, food, glass, card/ paper, metal and so on. Segregating at source will not only result in a smaller carbon footprint for your business, but also reduce the waste disposal bill too.

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Where we recycle

Don’t have the capacity for a multitude of containers on-site? No problem, if you’ve chosen general waste or dry mixed recycling, Bakers Waste will do the utmost to ensure as much material is recycled as possible.

Your waste will be collected and taken to one of our waste transfer depots, tipped and segregated via one of our picking lines. Therefore, you can rest assured the waste produced from projects which require as much floor-space as possible will be recycled where possible.

What’s more, is Bakers Waste also have a depot devoted purely for waste recycling; specialising in cardboard, paper and plastic, here we produce high quality bales of 100% recyclable materials.

Recycling Facilities, Leicestershire

Moreover, our aim is to assist the construction industry in making the right decisions when choosing their waste management services. Decisions that result more, if not all, waste materials being recycled. Methods which allow for materials to be reused where possible and advice on which materials to avoid altogether. Want to learn more about waste disposal for the construction industry? Click here to find out today.