What is the Attenborough Affect?

The Attenborough affect is the impact of David Attenborough’s nature and environment documentaries. It was the most watched TV show in the UK in 2017 with 17 million viewers tuning in to watch it. Since these documentaries eyes have been opened across the world about how plastic and other materials affect the planet, especially our oceans. In these documentaries turtles, whales, sharks, fish and other marine life have been shown to have consumed plastic or living in a complete plastic environment. Since these documentaries half of consumers say they have reduced the amount of disposable plastic they have used in the past year.

blue planet

Attenboroughs impact

The report claims Attenborough’s environmental documentaries are having a positive impact on the public. 42% of 3,833 (U.S and U.K ) say products that use sustainable materials are important to them. More businesses have involved themselves in environmental movements and programs. These Include Pass On Plastic, restaurants banning straws and Ralph Lauren making polos from plastic bottles.

Blue Planet

Producers of the show are already making foreign language versions for other countries in aim to educate. The final episode was a call to action to protect the ocean and all of its marine life. It was incredibly beautiful, completely distressing and very effective.

Social media

Social media feeds lit up, during and after people, when a new Attenborough documentary was released. It will feature trending topics like ‘beat plastic pollution’, ‘make a difference’ and ‘climate action’. It has magnified the plastics revolution, showing consumers snapshots from these documentaries. The survey showed that 3/10 people feel as if they don’t have enough information about how to recycle. There are also many informative pages and posts about how to recycle that’s best for you, alternatively you can check out our Facebook and Twitter page for great tips on how to recycle.

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