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Summer is just around the corner meaning the festival season is about to start. What’s not to love about festivals? The music, the food and drinks, the heat and enjoying the day with friends and family. There is one thing that we don’t love about music festivals and that’s how much waste is produced at every festival that is held. Every year hundreds of festivals are doing their bit for the environment, this is by either a having eco/green camp or banning plastic bottles or separate waste bins.

A survey conducted in 2018 at the end of the festival season, the survey asked 649 festival visitors what they thought about festivals and waste. It was found that 71% strongly agreed or agreed waste is a negative impact of festivals. A further 81% strongly agreed or agreed if provided with separate bins they would separate their rubbish. Festivals encourage guests to correctly dispose of festival waste, such as taking tents, empty drink cans and bottles and any camping equipment with you.

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Here is a list of how festivals around the U.K made their festivals eco- friendly:

This is how Download festival helps the planet:

  • pop up co-op provides two machines where you can recycle empty plastic bottles
  • 46% recycling and composting rate in 2018
  • No tents left behind in the ‘eco-camp’ 2018
  • Greenpeace will host 2000 campers this year up 33% from the last year 2018
  • Received a 4 star creative green result for the second year in a row

This is how Glastonbury helps the environment:

  • The green pledge
  • Wateraid kiosk for refillable water bottles
  • In 2017 Glastonbury Festival recycled over 60 tonnes of paper and card. 32 tonnes of glass, 45 tonnes of cans and 40 tonnes of plastic bottles.
  • All cans, glass, paper, wood and organic waste collected from the Festival’s bins, recycled.
  • In 2017 132 tonnes of food waste turned into compost.

This is how Reading and Leeds helps the planet:

  • Nifftybins- compost, recycling and general waste
  • Last year Reading festival used two-hybrid generators. These use renewable energy from the sun to charge up batteries to power the areas more efficiently.
  • Volunteer on their Green Team

Glastonbury Festival  have built one of their stages, known as the Gas Tower stage in the Shangri-La area out of ten tonnes of plastic litter collected from beaches, parks and streets across the South-West. This is another great idea and step towards reusing and recycling for the planet.


Festival season approaching, how can Bakers help you to recycle?

An easy way to encourage festival-goers to recycle their waste would be with separate recycling bins. Most festivals will also offer a three-bin system which consists of these three bins: dry mixed recycling, a general waste bin and a food waste bin. You can find these bins in a range of sizes and colours: bigger the festival, the bigger the bin and more bins you would need. A festival would usually place these in and around the festival to stop producing no more general waste.

If you’re holding a festival or a small event of your own and want to introduce recycling bins to your event, call Bakers Waste today to inquire about recycling bins on: 0333 121 0426

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