1. What waste am I disposing of?

You should hire a skip if the waste you’re disposing of could be general waste (compactable and non-compactable), inert material (aggregates, concrete, and ceramics), soils and green (garden) waste. Items that can’t go in a skip include computer monitors, medical waste and liquids such as paint.

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2. What size skip do I need?

This will be determined by what and how much waste you’re putting in it. The majority of waste disposal businesses offer skip sizes ranging from 2-16 yards. Here at Bakers Waste, we offer up to 40 yard containers (Roll On Roll Offs). The more items you need to put in your skip, the bigger your skip needs to be. The most common sizes for households usually are a 2 or 3 yard skips; the measurement of skips is in cubic yards, 1 cubic yard is equivalent to 10 bin bags or 2 household wheelie bins.

3. How much will it cost?

The cost of your skip will depend on the type of waste you’re disposing of as well as your location. Skip size will also alter the price, with prices rising gradually as the skip size does. If your skip will be located on a road you will also require a road permit which will be an additional cost of around £40-£60, depending on your location.

hire a skip
hire a skip

4. How long will I need the skip for?

When it comes to how long you want it for you should consider what the purpose of your skip is in the first place. If you’re undertaking a big DIY project or doing a house clearance, you will naturally need the skip for much longer. For smaller clearances, such as one room or a small garden, you might only need a small sized skip for the week or less. Skip hire at Bakers Waste generally lasts for one week, but you can arrange for longer if required.

5. Where do I put my skip?

Before considering any of the above the first thing you ought to be wondering is where is the best place for my skip to live and do I have capacity for it? If you have a driveway or front garden, then it’s usually very easy to find a space. However, if you need to place it on a road then you might need a permit. The waste company that you’re going through will often get in contact with your local council to apply for a permit for you, if not it is easily done through your council website.

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If you or someone you know is interested in hiring a skip, give Bakers Waste a call on 0333 121 0426 or click here to order a skip today.