Are you ready for the BIG spring clean?

Spring cleaning is when you thoroughly clean a house and can take place any time of the year. The practice of spring cleaning is especially important when the period of cold weather is over. Spring cleaning helps to de-clutter your house waste, garden waste and is good for the mind. Don’t let your garden own you, own it!

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Reducing waste

Why is it important to get rid of your waste properly? Reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill helps to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Spring cleaning can be a rewarding experience that helps provide some structure and organisation in your life by having a skip or garden waste bin.

garden waste

Spring cleaning your garden waste!

When it comes to spring cleaning your garden. Start with a flower garden clean up, then move on to trees, shrubs and weeds; these are all classed as garden waste. A thorough spring garden clean up should NOT be a destructive process. By taking your time and doing it right, your garden will be clean and tidy once again to start growing and replanting flowers and vegetables ready for them to grow again in the spring and summer. A good garden clean up should include maintenance of a compost pile or responsibility of a garden waste bin or skip for larger amounts.

Garden waste & compost

Can I put ‘green waste’ into my household bin? You can out it in your normal house bin, although this means it won’t be recycled, and if you overfill your bin or skip and it is too heavy then it may not be emptied. So why not opt for a skip that comes in many different sizes and It is much better for the environment to either to apply and join the garden waste service by getting a skip start using an at-home compost. It is now easier to get rid of your garden waste as 94% of local councils and recycling companies collect garden waste.

garden waste

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