6 yard skip dimensions

History of the skip 

Edwin Walker invented skip hire in 1922 and was used as part of shaft mining. The use of commercial skips began way later and started in the 1960s. In the early 70’s it was a law that skips had to be painted a bright colour in order to be seen by drivers. 1971 highway act the rule was skips had to be yellow, so they were easily seen.

Skip sizes

At the start of skip use, there was only one size available which was 5-6 yards, now you can hire skips from as small as 2 yards to as large as 40 yards Roll-On Roll-Offs. When it comes to skip hire it is important to know your sizes. A 1 yard equates to around 10 bin bags or the equivalent to 2 wheelie bins.


Skip Hire

When it comes to the contents and items that go into skips it’s most important to remember hazardous items aren’t allowed, these are dangerous for the environment and for the person emptying the skip themselves. It is also important to check the contents of skips regularly as you are filling them up as passing pedestrians can add stuff themselves which can be dangerous items such as medical waste (needles), light bulbs and electrical items. There have been times in the past where this has occurred.


24 million tonnes of garden waste is disposed of every year; through skip hire alone. In addition a massive 200 million tonnes of waste is gathered via skips every year. This is why it is important that we make the most out of every product and when we are finished with them to dispose or recycle them the proper way either through ship hire or recycling bin. Doing this reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills this important as we are running out of space around the world.

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