garage clearance in Northampton

Garage Clearance In Northampton

If you are an active DIY person or gardener, chances are that your garage has turned into a dumping ground for old furniture, appliances and bits and bobs that you wasn’t quite ready to throw away. Garage Clearance in Northampton has never been easier with the help of Bakers Waste. Bakers Waste are here to support your clearance and we can easily and quickly dispose of any big and bulky items you have lying around your garage.

If your garage is in need of some serious TLC, we can help by removing the big and heavy items easier for you at a low cost. Our friendly and helpful staff can remove these items in time for any new shiny things to take their place.

Easy Clearance – Garage Clearance In Northampton

Bakers Waste can offer you an easy solution to waste disposal of big items in the garage. Big and bulky items could include old appliances such as fridges, ovens or microwaves. This could also include any furniture such as tables, chairs, sofas, beds and everything in between.

Our Easy Clearance service is exactly what you would expect from the name! We can easily clear anything that you need clearing.

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