Landfill Costs Rise

Increases in landfill taxes have resulted in rapidly increasing costs for businesses.

The introduction of the “Pre-Treatment Of Non-Hazardous Waste Prior To Landfill” regulations in 2007 has also severely restricted the amounts and types of waste going for landfill disposal.

These regulations will put the onus on the business to segregate and recycle their waste on site.

A variety businesses don’t realise that by recycling their waste they will see significant savings but also be entitled to a rebate for materials.

Leicester & Northampton Recycling Services

With state of the art segregating and recycling facilities at multiple sites in Leicestershire and Northamptonshire, Bakers Waste offer dedicated vehicles which operate within Leicestershire & Northamptonshire to collect and recycle glass, recycle cardboard, paper, wood, recycled plastics, and other waste materials.

With our recycling services, we offer an affordable solution to your recycling needs, whilst also saving you money.

Recycling Audit

To help companies save even more money, Bakers Waste offer businesses a free compliance audit where a representative from Bakers Waste will visit the site and advise companies of areas where cost savings can be made by recycling. They will also ensure that the company is fully compliant with all existing and forthcoming legislation.


Leicester & Northampton’s Largest Independent Waste Management Company

With over 5,000 customers, Bakers Waste Services has rapidly grown to become Leicester and ¬†Northampton’s largest independent waste management company.

Due to providing its customers with excellent and competitive services, allied with continual investment in new plant, processes and vehicles to meet the challenges posed by the need to reduce and recycle waste.

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