Together, we can move toward a circular economy

How does it work?

Bakers consultancy is focused on reducing your business’ environmental impact, working to analyse your existing resource management processes and seek out more sustainable methods which put you on the path towards a circular economy.

Our team of in-house environmental experts can support your business in becoming more sustainable, profitable, and efficient by working with you to develop your environmental strategy and achieve your sustainable development goals.

We work in partnership, around your unique requirements, to ensure we meet expectations throughout your environmental journey.

Bakers Environmental Consultancy


We begin with a set of discovery sessions where our experts work closely with you to understand your business, using available data and information to diagnose the problems.

Analyse & Propose Solutions

We’ve identified the problems, then analysed and had proposed solutions approved, laid plans to ensure everything goes smoothly, now it’s time for action.

With your redesigned environmental strategy in hand, and our team of environmental experts on hand, Bakers provide everything you need to bring the strategy to fruition and work with you every step of the way.

Implement & Leverage Results!

With problems, come solutions – after identifying the problems we analyse the data acquired from our review and undertake deep analysis, exploring the areas that can be improved and designing our collaborative plan of action.

Case Studies

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