Confidential Document Shredding Leicester & Northampton 

Protect yourself and your clients with Leicester and Northampton’s leading confidential document shredding and disposal service from Bakers Waste Services.

With our experienced and private service, you can be assured that your document destruction process remains secure and compliant with the Data Protection Act.

Confidential Document Shredding in Leicester & Northampton 

We provide secure bags and lockable containers for the storage of your non-public waste.

non-public waste is securely destroyed off-site and a secure destruction certificate is provided.

Tailored daily, weekly or monthly private waste collection and disposal service as required.

Your best call for confidential document shredding is 0370 350 6 350.

Private and Secure Waste Disposal in Leicester & Northampton

Our preferred method of classified waste destruction is to recycle where possible. We promote closed-loop recycling turning 100% of your shredded paper and confidential waste into recycled paper to be used again. We can offer incineration at a waste-to-energy site, or deep burial dependent upon your requirements for secure destruction (ie out of date stock).

Your best call for confidential and secure waste disposal is 0370 350 6 350.

Secure On-Site Shredding

Bakers Waste also provides secure on-site paper shredding and secure document destruction service.

Waste Paper Shredding

We also provide waste paper shredding services for Leicester and Northampton businesses.

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To run through your confidential waste disposal requirements with a member of our team, give us a call on 0370 350 6 350 or send us a message via the enquiry form below.