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Acquire the markets latest recycling equipment and technology, work with Bakers Environmental Solutions to develop your sustainable development goals and do it all whilst saving money.

Bakers work with our partners to find the best environmental solutions for you

Bakers are one of the leading suppliers of recycling equipment and technology in the UK. We work closely with a wide range of manufacturers to offer the technology you need, including compactors, vertical balers, semi, and fully automatic balers and more.

Save money whilst you recycle!

Space. It’s one of the most valuable commodities. If you’re a bit squeezed for room because your waste materials are overflowing, a viable solution is a compactor or baler. Better still, as many recyclable materials attract a rebate, you could be making money from your waste.
  • Maximise efficiency
  • Reduce and segregate waste
  • Save or even make money!
plastic pollution

How does it work?

Here’s how it works; the machine will compress your material to reduce the amount of space that it takes up. Following collection, we’ll transport your baled or compacted materials to a facility where it will be recycled into new raw materials and put back into the system, thus working together to build a circular economy.

This means that you need fewer collections, reducing your carbon footprint, and that you are ultimately spending less money on your waste & recycling. Win-Win!

  •  Innovative state-of-the-art equipment
  •  Develop sustainable development goals
  •  Build a circular economy, together

Bakers Recycling Equipment

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