Skip Hire Terms & Conditions


Customer means the Company, Firm, Person, Corporation or Public Authority receiving the Owners’ waste containers and includes their successors or personal representatives.

  1. Responsibility cannot be taken by Bakers Waste for any damage done by vehicles, employees or containers whilst on site. Where the driver is directed to deposit or collect the skip on or from a site which is off a highway, Bakers Waste shall be under no liability whatsoever to the customer for any damage howsoever caused whilst the vehicle is off the highway.
  2. No responsibility will be taken for any nuisance or damage done or liability incurred by leaving a container where requested to do so.
  3. It is the customer’s responsibility to look after the skip. They are responsible for the cost of repair or replacement should it be lost, stolen or damaged (including by internal fires), even if a delay in collection occurs. The customer shall inform Bakers Waste immediately if any equipment is stolen, damaged or defaced in any way. Bakers Waste reserve the right to rectify any damage by fire or loss and charge the customer.
  4. Skips must be paid for before delivery.
  5. Customers shall ensure that any item of equipment placed in a street, highway or public thoroughfare is adequately lit and coned at all necessary times
  6. The load shall not exceed the level of the sides of the container.
  7. The customer must not put (or allow others to put) Hazardous Wastes in the skip including: Fridges, Freezers, Vehicle Tyres, Paint Tins, Electrical and Electronic Equipment, Liquids, Asbestos, Clinical, Medical, Oily, Toxic wastes, Solvents, Batteries, Gas Cylinders, Fluorescent Tubes, Plasterboard (greater than 10% of load) without obtaining written permission from us first. If the skip is found to contain such items, a surcharge will be payable.
  8. Risk of loss and liability for any excluded waste shall remain with the customer and the customer shall indemnify and hold Bakers Waste harmless from and against any and all claims, losses, damages, penalties, fines and liabilities resulting from or arising out of the deposit of any excluded waste in the collection vehicle, containers or other equipment of Bakers Waste. This applies even if a delay in collection occurs.
  9. In addition, the Customer agrees not to :
  • Light fires in the skip.
  • Place any corrosive acid, noxious substance or liquid cement in the Skip.
  • Cover the skip
  1. Bakers Waste may charge the customer for the abortive visit if we are unable to deliver or collect the skip at the arranged time due to restrictions on access to the skip (or any other reason).
  2. Bakers Waste shall not be liable for any consequential loss, expenses, liabilities or claims arising out of the late delivery, non-delivery, collection or unsuitability of the skip.
  3. Bakers Waste reserves the right to remove the skip from site (full or not) without the customer’s consent and shall not forfeit any part of the hire charge.

I, the hirer/customer acknowledge that the service has been carried out to my complete satisfaction, subject to the terms above. It is a contract that during the period of hire of the skip, the hirer shall make good to Bakers Waste all loss or damage to the skips however arising (fair wear and tear excluded). No asbestos, fridges, tyres, CRTs, waste electrical and electronic equipment, liquids or aerosols – If you have any of these items please call 0370 350 6 350. By signing this Duty of Care Waste Transfer Note the producer/holder of the waste confirms that they have fulfilled their duty to apply the waste hierarchy as required by Regulation 12 of the Waste (England & Wales) Regulations 2011.