Have a large pile of rubbish that you want to get rid of at speed? We at Bakers Waste are the specialists to call when it comes to rubbish removal in Leicester and our clearance service provides the ideal solution if you have rubbish at your home or business setting that you don’t want to leave lying around.

After a clear out, it can be very easy to leave the rubbish you have accumulated lying around until you have the willpower to dispose of it. A number of problems can, however, come from this as the rubbish will look unsightly, therefore affecting the aesthetic appeal of your home or commercial property, whilst the risk of attracting rodents grows by the hour as your waste is left unattended.

With our rubbish removal vehicle though, we can be on hand exactly when you need us and will transport your waste into our van for you before cleaning and tidying up afterwards. Our service is so swift and non-invasive, you’ll hardly know that we’ve been there.

Hassle-Free Rubbish Clearance

Through our rubbish clearance service, we aim to make all of the hassles away from you. After hours of clearing, the last thing you’ll then want to do is go to the local tip. There’s then the mess that this causes to your vehicle, leading to an extra job when you get back.

For a completely hassle-free solution, let our rubbish clearing team do the hard work for you. Whether you’ve got bin bags of rubbish piled up or simply have a few bulky items that you don’t know what to do with, this service is flexible enough to be able to meet virtually every need.

The next time you finding yourself staying at a large pile of rubbish after you’ve been working around the house, in the garden or at your commercial outlet, don’t worry yourself with what to do with it, simply get in touch with our team and we’ll take care of the rest.


  1. Quick & simple rubbish removal
  2. Faster & cheaper skip hire alternative
  3. No permits required
  4. No waiting for your skip to be collected – instant removal there and then
  5. We even sweep up afterwards.
  6. Hassle-free solution!

Ready to Book our Waste Clearance Service?

Give our team a call on 0370 350 6 350 to discuss your requirements for rubbish clearance in Leicester, complete the short form below or alternatively send us up to 3 images of the waste you’d like us to collect to sales@bakers-es.co.uk so we can generate a quote.