Better in Blue, Commercial Waste in Northampton

A family-run business, Bakers Waste Services based in Northampton have multiple waste transfer stations and recycling depots throughout the midlands. Bakers Waste manage to maintain an array of waste disposal services to over 5,000 customers.

Since 2002 Bakers Waste has grown to have over 120 staff members of all kinds like administrators, truck drivers and more. Through this 16 year journey, Bakers Waste has picked up an immense knowledge of how to recycle and deliver great commercial waste services in Northampton.

Wheelie bin collection in Northampton

Tailor your wheelie bin collection service in Northampton to suit your needs! Bakers Waste have lots of sizes to choose starting from 240 litres going up to an 1100 litre bin.

Why do Bakers Waste offer different bin sizes?

This results in ensuring accessibility which in turn results in efficiency when lifting the bins. Each size is dependent on how heavy your waste is too, as you’re given a weight allowance to keep to. Also, separating the waste into dedicated food, glass, card, paper, plastic, dry mixed recycling and general waste results in reducing the amount of waste going to landfill which coincidentally saves you money!

Front End Loaders in Northampton

Front End Loaders (FEL) is the ideal choice for commercial or industrial waste collection in Northampton due to them being made of touch steel with heavy-duty plastic lids.

Floor space isn’t an issue with these containers as Bakers Waste’s FEL trucks empty on-site by using the mechanical arms at the front of the vehicle. This allows for much heavier, regular waste collections.

Customer Report Centre

Bakers Waste customers can log in and check their personal data at any time Bakers Waste want to give the consumer the power they deserve and this makes that happen.

When logging on to your report centre you’re able to access weight, collection and recycling data; meaning you can work with the team to get the best out of your commercial waste collection service in Leicester. Click here to login or watch the short video below for more information.

Bin Weighing

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