Leicester Recycling 

Last year Leicester as a whole recycled and composted 34.7% of its household waste in 2017 to 2018. Leicester recycling has risen over the years, this as a waste service company makes us very happy for the city. We found out that we are very pleased with is last year 54,000 tonnes of green garden waste was composted. This is already a better way of saving the planet. In Leicester there are over 20 recycling and waste companies and many recycling drop off sites and banks. At Bakers Waste we also provide a great recycling and waste service to fit all customers.

Marine Life 

Walkers’ Crisps started a recycling scheme, where crisp packets get reused. This is a massive advantage on recycling as crisp packets are not currently recyclable. They also often end up in the ocean inside marine life. The spokesperson for Walkers Crisps also quoted “It’s always upsetting to see that packaging has made its way into the ocean”.

crisp packet in ocean

Reusing And Recycling 

In Leicester, recycling is a current priority for a lot of companies, households and education departments. We also encourage these to have recycling bins to stop things being thrown away and going to landfill. We also encourage schools with a younger audience to engage in activities. You can re-use items and make products out of them to use again.

Recycling More

By recycling more and recycling right we can improve the quality of our recyclable material, benefiting the environment and saving taxpayers money. Recycling helps to rid the planet of harmful gases by reducing the need for mining, quarrying and logging, which leads to refining and processing raw materials. All of these create considerable amounts of air and water pollution. As recycling saves energy it also reduces greenhouse gasses being emitted, which helps to tackle climate change and rid the planet of harmful gases.

rubbish in ocean

Here At Bakers Waste

We at bakers take a lot of pride in our work in helping the city to become a better place, we have also signed with the Leicester City Grounds to become an official waste partner, from this we aim to keep the grounds as clean as possible. At Bakers Waste we have state of the art segregating and recycling facilities at multiple sites in Leicestershire and Northamptonshire, Bakers Waste offer dedicated vehicles which operate within Leicestershire & Northamptonshire to collect and recycle glass, recycle cardboard, paper, wood, recycle plastics, and other waste materials.

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