Leicester Recycling Fact

Here are some statistics and Leicester Recycling Fact and how well Leicester as a city has excelled over the past few years.

The average bin in Leicester, based on the collection,

 – contains 33% stuff we can’t recycle.

– 10% of garden waste.

-14% of recycling that could go into orange bags

-.5% reusable clothes and linen 

-a further 38% food waste.

This is based on the average household bin bag, let’s try and aim for as less going to landfill and more going to recycling centres whether we take the recycling ourselves or making sure that our orange bags are properly organised to make it easier for recycling centre’s to sort out.

recycling bin


Another interesting Leicester recycling fact is that 40% of rubbish that was produced in 2016-2017 was recycled. A further 20.14% was composted by the city of Leicester in 2016-2017 and in 2017-2018 it fell to 14.7%.

Walkers Recycling Scheme 

In recent news Walkers crisps have started a recycling scheme where people send in or drop off at recycling bank as many crisp packets they want to be recycled and reused into a type of plastic that can also be used in the manufacturing of some items. An astonishing 332,000 people signed the petition.

bakers waste at king power stadium


A respectable 55.46% of rubbish is recycled by Leicester’s population, which is above the average for England. In the year 2018, a town in Leicester called Eyre’s Monsell were producing so much recycling the local centres were struggling to keep up with it all.

Bakers Waste 

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