Food Waste Services in Loughborough

Since the business started in 2002 there has been a rapid expansion in our customer base around Loughborough and the East Midlands, with over 5,000 customers, Bakers Waste is now offering afully-fledged food waste services throughout Loughborough.

Benefits in Loughborough?

Food waste services will actually save you money; being able to separate the food from your general waste is guaranteed to be able to save you money. This is due to not having the extra charges from your excess weight. Furthermore, this results in having dedicated 240-litre bins for your waste in Loughborough.

We have great confidence in the service that we provide, in fact if you don’t save money with our service we’ll collect your waste and take it away for you completely free of charge for a whole month!

What happens to the food waste collected from Loughborough?

Once your food waste has been collected, it is used to help save the environment; food waste has micro-biological treatments that helps the leftover food to create a gas that is then used to produce electricity at an anaerobic digestion plant.

For more information on the food waste services call: 0370 350 6 350

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