Recycling Centres Around Leicester

With Leicester having almost 20 recycling centres, the city takes their recycling seriously and tries their best to have everyone else recycling with them. Places such as schools, companies and colleges across the city use a recycling company to help out with their recycling to stop large quantities going to landfill and to encourage and influence recycling. At each Leicester recycling centre, you can recycle a wide range of materials and dispose of your domestic rubbish at any household waste recycling centres and the best thing about the centres are free to use.

The Recycling Centres

We can understand that recycling can be confusing that is why at each Leicester recycling centre it displays what can be recycled and what cannot and where and which bin it should go into. At each Leicester recycling centre, there are information boards to help out what goes in what bin to be sent off and reused and recycled. All 14 recycling and household waste sites will now open five days a week in and around Leicester. Recycling more plastics and other materials can help local businesses and expand jobs while supporting the goals of sustainability.

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In Leicester

At some of the Leicester recycling centres we have, you can recycle garden waste. Last year there was an astonishing 54,000 tonnes worth of garden waste that was collected for compost. When Leicester changed from boxes to bags it helped the city massively because the bags are recycled. Nothing is left on the streets after the collection (unlike the boxes). This has enabled Leicester to improve its recycling rate and help reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.

recycling unit
Recycle Container

At Bakers Waste

You can recycle items such as Cardboard, paper mixed glass bottles and jars Clothes, shoes and textiles and fabrics. With Bakers Waste being the top-recommended Leicester recycling centre. We offer a great recycling service for the public where you pick your bin size to fit your needs. Our bins come in 4 different sizes: 240 litres, 360 litres, 660 litres and 1000 litre. With our recycling services, we can offer an affordable and tailored solution to your waste reduction needs.

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