Recycling Services in Leicester

We have recycling services available for you in Leicester, with multiple sites and vehicles that have the capacity to collect your recycled glass, cardboard, paper and plastics; our recycling services are affordable solutions to your waste reduction and we also promise to save you money.

Food Recycling Services

If you can separate your food waste from your general waste in Leicester, we can guarantee you will save money!

Your waste prices are based on weight and food waste is heavy, really heavy. This is why we offer a dedicated food waste recycling service which allows segregation at the source to maintain a steady weight allowance.

Food waste is bombarded with micro-biological treatments, encouraging your leftovers to produce a gas that is then harvested to be able to produce electricity. Your food waste will be collected by our very own food truck that will only be collecting food waste.

food waste in moffett vehicle

Glass Recycling

Bakers Waste Service Ltd provide you with wheelie bins to store your glass recycling, similarly to food waste, this ensures the weight of your bins are kept under control.

We will then collect it from you, from there the waste will be bulked up and taken to a glass reprocessing plant, and then finally it is re-processed into things like road surfaces, and sandpaper.

glass recycling truck driving down the road

Cardboard/ Paper Recycling

We collect paper and cardboard in a variety of ways such as wheelie bins and roll on roll offs. We are able to recycle the following products; newspapers/magazines, junk mail, envelopes, catalogues, telephone directories, Christmas cards.

After using the product put it into the correct container, we will collect it and take it to Desford. It is then baled to a paper mill and then it will be recycled into new products.

moffett truck mounting baled cardboard
Plastic Recycling

A selection of bin sizes ranging from 240ltr to 1100ltr wheelie bins, we always have the perfect solution.

When finished with the plastic product put it into the correct container, we will collect the plastic waste for it to be baled, and it will then be re-processed to become new plastic packaging and bottles.

plastic bales

Contact Bakers Waste today if you’re interested in saving money at the same time as the planet through recycling services

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