Shredding Services in Hinckley

Shredding services now also available in Hinckley! Meaning, we can provide businesses in Hinckley with the full brand and also data protection. Why? You must ensure your intellectual property is secure at all times. This can also be applied to online data, sensitive documents and more.

Disposing of these things is imperative to protecting your brand and data and our team of experienced confidential shredding specialists can help you to achieve this. We even supply a certificate at the end to prove your confidential waste has been disposed of properly.

Confidential Collection in Hinckley

Personalise your Shredding Services by tailoring them around your individual needs.

Our shredding Services Options in Hinckley includes;

  • Mobile Shredder
  • On or Off Site Shredding
  • Lockable Wheelie Bins
  • Lockable Office Consoles
  • Confidential Waste Sacks

Confidential Shredding Services; Disposal in Hinckley

We understand just how important recycling rates are and because of this, we have made our Hinckley Shredding Services one of our easiest options.

All of the shredded paper and confidential waste is recycled through closed-loop recycling, which turns the confidential paper into recycled paper. We also have a dedicated recycling facility in Desford; allowing us to turn our focus completely to recycling your waste.

Can Bakers Dispose of Other Confidential Items?

In short, yes, we’re able to dispose or destroy all manner of items in Hinckley such as CDs, computers and branded uniform.

Interested in confidential shredding services in Leicester? Get in touch! Call us on 0370 350 6 350, email: or enquire via the form below.