Shredding Services in Milton Keynes

Bakers Waste understand your brand and data must be protected at all times, especially with the brand new GDPR regulations coming in place from 25 May 2018. Through leading shredding services in Milton Keynes, Bakers Waste are able to offer you a full confidential data and brand protection scheme.

Whether it’s marketing material, employee information or branded workwear, Bakers Waste provide excellent shredding services in Milton Keynes. They also offer a certificate at the end of the process to confirm your confidential waste has been disposed efficently.

Shredding Service; Collection in Milton Keynes

Thanks to the Bakers Waste mobile shredder, you can choose between on or off site confidential shredding. Furthermore, you also have the option of lockable bins or office consoles, confidential sacks and more.

You can tailor your confidential shredding services in Milton Keynes to completely suit you and your business requirements.

Shredding Services; Disposal in Milton Keynes

Whilst a convenient collection service is important, Bakers Waste understands you want to know what actually happens to your confidential shredding in Milton Keynes. This is why we stress how much of your confidential waste will be recycled; due to the Bakers Waste recycling facilities not far from Milton Keynes in Desford, Leicestershire.

This can be done by closed loop recycling, which turns 100% of your shredded paper and confidential waste into recycled paper to be used again.

Contact Bakers Waste today and be prepared for GDPR!

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