Shredding Services in Northampton

Bakers Waste can provide you with a full Confidential Shredding Services package in Northampton. Providing you and you’re with the brand and data protection you must have with GDPR coming in.

Our experienced confidential waste disposal team will be on hand to give you a swift and thorough service in Northampton. We also provide you with certification at the end to notify you out-of-date branding and/ or data has been handled properly.

Shredding Services; Collection in Northampton

In order to ensure our operations run as smoothly as possible for you, we give our customers in Northampton the ability to choose from an array of different confidential waste options.

Choose from;

  • Mobile shredder for on-site shredding
  • Off-site shredding; taken back to our recycling facilities
  • Lockable 240litre wheelie bins
  • Lockable office consoles to fit your décor
  • Confidential waste sacks to separate from other waste streams
  • & much more!

Shredding Services; Recycling in Northampton

Collecting your confidential waste is just one-half of our shredding services in Northampton. Disposal always follows and this is where we decide what happens to your confidential waste once it’s been shredded or destroyed.

In every circumstance, your confidential shredded paper will be recycled through our close loop recycling systems which are in place at a dedicated card and paper recycling facility in Desford Leicester.

Other Shredding Services in Northampton

We appreciate you might have a multitude of items which needs disposing of properly other than documents.

We’re also able to destroy items such as CDs, workwear, uniforms, old computers and more.

Interested in confidential shredding services in Leicester? Get in touch!

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