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Bakers Waste has gone from strength to strength in Loughborough, Leicester since Paul Baker started the business in 2002, just 16 years ago. Now boasting a headcount of over 120 staff members and an impressive fleet of over 60 vehicles ranging from Trade Waste Vehicles, Skip Trucks and Portable Confidential Shredders.

With this constant growth and positive flow, Bakers Waste has managed to service over 5,000 customers and remain a local, family-run business, with multiple Bakers’ playing their part.

Bakers Waste truck

Wheelie bin collection in Loughborough

Ensuring the service you select maintains your expectations and lives up to the standards you set is vital to the Bakers way. That’s why you can tailor your wheelie bin collection service in Loughborough to suit you. Whether you need a household bin or something heftier.

A multitude of bin sizes means Bakers bins are easily accessible, weight efficient and cost-effective. Choose from 240 litres all the way to 1100 litre bins. The options don’t stop there; you’re also able to have dedicated bins for your waste type such as food, glass, card and more. Separating the waste at source leads to a much greater recycling rate too.

Front End Loaders in Loughborough

Our Front End Loader (FEL) trucks can empty the FEL containers on-site, as they’re equipped with mechanical arms at the front of the vehicle. This makes a significant difference because while an FEL truck is big, the arms make the bins easily reachable.

FEL containers are made of tough steel with heavy duty plastic lids. Front End Loaders are the ideal choice for commercial or industrial waste collection and recycling.

Customer Report Centre

Following investment in systems and I.T, Bakers Waste customers now have the ability to login and check their personal information such as recycling data, collections and how much their bin’s weighed.

Here’s a short video displaying why we track your bin weights.

Bin Weighing

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